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    Muscle And Fitness

    Muscle And Fitness

    Hello and welcome to my Muscle And Fitness program. There is a lot of basic information about everything in here along with good supplement advice and workout plans. Follow through the topic and pic out what you like or what helps you. If anyone has any personal questions and would like me to set up a diet or workout plan for them personally just PM me and i would be happy to do so, ThankYou.

    Mass Gain

    Well there are many diffrent things you need to know and should try to learn and understand before attempting anything that people tell you that you are not sure of. This part is for skinny people or smaller people who want to put on weight and muscle. Ok well i will only say this once, 70% part of muscle gain is your diet. You have to eat all the right things and LOTS of them if you plan on gaining size and mass. You have to overload your body with food that it isn't use to having so it has no choice but to expand to a bigger size. A big factor of this is MUCH more protein, protein is what helps you grow size and get bigger and if you do not get enough protein you will not be able to do so. Protein can be found in various foods such as Meat,Fish,Chicken and Pasta products. With this in mind remember you want to put on lean size and muscle not loads of fat. Now it would be a lie for me to tell you that you can build 20 pounds of muscle without getting a few of fat because it does happen and it will happen but the best way to help reduce is by eating right. When i say that chicken has high protein don't run to your local fast food restaurant and get deep fried fatty chicken, try a store baught skinless,boneless chicken cooked in olive oil with 0 transfats. Now a way for people to get to protein they need without overloading on food when your not hungry is to buy mixed protein at a local helthfood or fitness store. You want to be sure your getting 100% Whey protein. Don't get anything just because it has a shiney label on it. There are diffrent kinds of proteins mixed with other things out there to make people gain weight but trust me it's just goin to load you with calories and give you 1 big spair tire in your stomac. 100% Whey protein in a 5lb tub will run you 45-60$ however it will last for quite some time. when taking protein your aiming for 1 gram of protein per pound of your weight. Most proteins will have 28 grams per serving and you can mix it with pretty much anything but i reccomend Milk to be the best tasting. You might wana blend it or put it in a shaker to reduce chunks. You can get many diffrent flavors such as Venilla and Strawberry and they actually taste good so it's not really a pain in the ass to take. Now remember 1 gram of protein per pound also hs to include what you eat during the day. You can't say oh my weight is 175 so ill drink 175 grams worth of protein because you have to account for the protein you eat, and yes TO much protein can be dangerous to your kidney's. Now that you have your diet and protein getting into you don't make the mistake in thinking that running 10 miles a day will keep the fat off and let you grow pure muscle size because you are just wearing off the calories you spent all day eating to get. You need them to help your body grow it's size and by doing TO much cartio you will ruin your plan. Now for your workout, the best thing to do is bring some music because music will always keep you in the mood and help your pumping. Your best to get on a pedal bike and do a slow bike ride for about 3-5 minutes before doing your workout to help your heart get moving and your blood pumping. Always have a set routine never go to the gym and decide what your gonna do that day because it won't get done properly and you wana work out muscles on certain days because muscles can effects others. While trying to GAIN mass and weight always do HEAVY weights with less reps. Now by heavy i don't mean take so much that you hurt yourself, your gonna wana take a nice weight that you have a hard time doing and if you can do it 15 times no trouble then it is to light. Now while doing your workout always increase the weight every set don't do the same weight twice. You need to push your muscles to a max for them to grow, they need to be pushed to their limits. Now if your looking to get into a serious there are some good supplements that work and can help you. Creatine Monohydrate works and will definetly help you. What is does is pumps water to your mucles to keep them hydrated and make sure they are working full tilt on every rep. It also helps repair muscles so that after a long hard day at the gym your muscles can get the rest and repair they need to get right back in to the max again tommorow. Also Tribulus is a very good natural Hormone booster, It is not a hormone itself it helps your hormones grow stronger and hormones also control your size and strength that's what makes a man a man and a women a women is hormones. They are only 30$ a bottle for 90 pills which should last a month and a half maybe more. You take 2 at a time twice a day which is 4 caps per day and any givin time. You will notice a great increase in stregth after just a few caps i know from expirence because those are what i am currently taking now. Now that we have you set up with a diet plan and your supplements let's get to your workout.

    Your Muscle Gain Workout

    You can have as many day workout as you want, but you will need at least 2 days of rest sometime in your workout because remember muscles don't grow in the gym they grow while resting.

    I train biceps once a week with triceps, alternating which muscle group i do first from week to week. I always leave at least 2 days between back and bicept workouts. Because a heavy back workout can completely deplete your bicept and secondary movers. They need adequate time to recover to be ready for a full workout later in the week.

    Workout #1

    Chest and Abbs.

    Barbell Bench Press ( free weight ) Always use free weight's if possible instead of Smith machine.
    5 Sets/reps- 15,12,10,8,6

    Flye's- You can do freewight flye's. Keeping a slight bend in your elbows throughout, loswer the weights in an arc out to each side until your upper arms are about parallel to the floor. Flex your pecs to return the dumbbells to the start, stoping just before they touch each other. You will be doing this laying flat on a bench with 1 dumbbell in each hand. You can also do this on the smith machine where you attach 1 single hand grip to each side and cross your arms infront of your chest but i do reccomend free weight.

    5 Sets/reps-12,12,10,10,10

    Hammer-Strength Machine/Incline Press

    Start: Set the seat so your elbows are level with the handles and grasp them overhand.

    Move: Press the handles forward, keeping your elbows and wrists aligned behind them. Stop just before your elbow lockout; at the bottom, don't allow the weight to touch down.

    4 Sets/Reps-6,8,10,12

    Peck Deck- You will have 2 handles one of each side of you that you pull together and release. That is to work your pecks and you wana use nice heavy weight on that.

    Sets 2/Reps-To Failure

    Incline Bench Press

    It is the same thing as regular bench press except your bench will be on an incline.

    Sets 5/Reps 15,12,10,8,6


    Mechine Crunch: The crunch machine is where you sit down and you bend your abb's forward and you can tinker around with the weight but make it fairly heavy,

    Sets 3/Reps-20,20,20

    Knee Raise: Sit flat out on a bench and put your butt near the end of it and leave your leg's hanging down then pull your knee's to your chest.

    Sets 3/Reps-20,20,20

    Elevation's: If you have a machine for it which most gym's do, you'r hanging in the ari holding on to 2 handles and you raise your legs straight up in the air then back down.

    Sets 3/Reps-20,20,20

    Workout #2



    Start with pull up's such as reverse chin ups. Use your chin up bar and grab a wide grip with your palms facing away from you, the oposite of a chin up and pull up and let yourself down and pull up again. Some gym's will have a special machine but if they do not that is the best way to do them.

    Sets 3/Reps 10,10,10

    Pull downs: You will have a long bar that has a slite bend at the end of it where you grip it. The grip will be wide and you just sit down and use your back to pull the bar to your chest.

    Sets 5/Reps-15,12,10,8,6

    Row Boat: You will be sitting down a flat bench with a handle infront of you, set the weight and grab the handle. Use your back to pull the handle straight in to your chest with a slite bend in your back.

    Sets 4/Reps-12,10,8,6

    Back Pulls: There will be a machine where you stand up and lean over a bad and you will grab a stick shaped pully by it's handles and pull straight up to your chest. The handle will have 3 diffrent grips wide, middle, and short. Use a diffrent grip for each set starting on the top.

    Sets 3/Reps-12-12-10


    Leg press: This is where you just sit down and push out on a platform with your legs.

    Calve Raise: You sit down and put your knee's under a patted bar that you use your caves to raise, set a good weight because it is a good workout for your calves.

    Leg Raise: This is where you sit down and put your legs under a patted bar and lift them up.

    Sets 3/Reps-15,12,10

    Lay down leg raise: This is when you lay down on your stomac and do the same thing raise your legs.

    Sets 3/Reps- 15,12,10

    Squats- Best to use the smith machine because it can be dangerous. You put the bar on your neckbone and bend your legs down as far as you can go and use your leg's to push yourself back up.

    Workout #3

    Sholder's And Abbs

    Sholder Press: Sit down on a bench with the back of it straight up. Take 1 dumbbell in each hand and push the over your head and come back down bending your elbows and square up then push back up.

    Sets 5/Reps-15,12,10,8,6

    Sholder Raise: Unless you have strong sholder's i wouldn't reccomend this, i do it because it is one hell of a good workout. You take 1 light dumbbell in each hand standing up, put them together infront of your body and straighten your arms to your side until they are completly straight and hold for 3 seconds.

    Sets 4/Reps-10,10,8,6

    Schrugs- Use the smith machine of take 1 free weight dumbbell in each hand and keep them straight down on your side and use your sholders to lift them just a little bit, barly moving the weights and all. That workout is for your trapts on the top of your sholders. You can also do behind the back one's if you want.

    Sets 5/Reps-15,12,10,8,8

    Raise: Take a barbell a long with with weights on each side, grab it fairly close grip and raise it to your chin hight.

    Sets 4/Reps-12,10,8,8

    Abb's: The same workouts i mentioned previously.

    Bicepts And Tricepts


    Standing Barbell Curl: Hold a barbell in front of your thighs with a sholder-width underhand grip. Shift your arms slightly forward so your elbows press into the sides of your ribcage.With your sholders down and back, slowly curl the bar toward your sholders without using momentum, keeping your uppser body steady. Reverse the motion and go to full extension at the bottom.

    Sets 4/Reps 15,12,10,10

    Standing EZ-Bar Spider Curl: Flip the pad on a preacher bench so your chest and abs rest on the inclined side and your arms lie along the flat, vertical side. Lean into the pad so your bodyweight is partially supported; allow your arms to hang straight down from your sholders. Take an underhand grip on an EZ bar.

    Sets 4/Reps 15,12,10,10

    Alternating Dumbbell Hammer Curl: Hold a pair of dumbbells alongside your thighs with your palms facing in and your sholders down and back. Using one arm at a time and with your wrists facing your body throughout, curl the dumbbell up and slowly lower it to the start, maintaining an even tempo as you go. Alternate every rep.

    Sets 4/Reps 10-12

    Seated Alternating Dumbbell Curl: Sit up at the end of a flat bench or an short-back bench and hold a pair of dumbbells just outside your thighs, palms turned inward to face your body. Lift one dumbbell at a time toward your sholders, simultaneously turning your wrights as you lift so your palms move from a neutral grip at the bottom to an EZ-Bar-Type grip in the middle ( angled inward ) to a supinated ( palms up ) grip at the top.

    Sets 4/Reps 10,8,8,6


    Cable Overhead Extension

    Attach a rope to a highends of it with your pinky fingers against the balls or knotted ends. Bend your arms so your elbows point directly forward and your hands are behind your head. Stand far enough away from the stack so the cable is under tension.

    Use a stride stance ( one leg in front of the other ) for greater balance, and bend forward at your waist approximately 30 degrees.

    Inhale and hold your breath, then extend your forearms, keeping your upper arms in place. Straighteen your arms fully and hold this position for 1-2 seconds.

    Sets 4/Reps-12-10-8-6

    Using the same rope as in the previous excercise pull the rope straight down and pull your hands to their side. Then let your arms go back up until your body is square which isn't that far and continue the same motion.

    Sets 5/Reps-15,12,10,8,6

    Bench press tricept: It is another form of bench press except you keep your hands close together. You can use the smith machine the same way you would with regular chest bench press or you can use the machine set up for it.


    Well now that you have been set up with everything you need it is up to you to commit yourself to doing everything you have been told. Remember training to much will hurt you more then it will help. Also watch out for supplements that can hurt you and that don't work. The following is a list of supplements that do work if you wana check them out. Any questions just PM and i would be glad to help you. I almost forgot to mention, DRINK WATER you need to keep your body and muscles Hydrated always drink lots of water while working out before and after. It may also be good to eat a protein bar before working out to send some protein and carbs to your body for your workout.


    Whey Protein

    Creatine Monohydrate




    Animal Stacks


    Thermo Gain

    Getting Lean

    For those of you that already have muscle and are a nice big size but you have fatty muscles and want to get them defined. All you need to do is that same workout you do now but with light weights and more reps. Eat healthy and less fats, no junk food eating at night and lots of cartio. There are supplements to help you with this also such as Rev and Thermolean.

    Ab's and Fat Loss

    [center] For those of you who are looking to slim down and and get a figured 6 pack here are some tips that can send you on your way. First best thing to do is drink as much water as you can, at least 8 glasses a day if possible because that will let your body know it's ok to let the water it's holding inside your body out which can be taking on some extra pounds. Second healthy eating, don't eat anything past 9pm and cut back on the fat, instead of fries try a baked potato or salad, instead of a gresse macdonalds hamburger ty the grilled chicken. You must cut down on your eating habbit's to reduce your weight. Excercise everyday weather it's biking or walking or running always make sure you are doing excercise and i don't mean a 5 min bike around your yard, get on for at least 20 minutes a day and get your body active. Now for that 6 pack there are some have decent workouts you can follow. Decline crunchs if you can get a bench put it on a decline and hang downward and do short movements crunching your stomac, you can also do this excercise laying flat. Hanging Knee Raise, use the machine to elevate yourself and while hanging raise your knees to your chest, you can also do this sitting down. The all famous regular sit up, you know how it's done so try and get some done. Leg raise, lift your leg's straight up into the air and come back down but don't touch the ground hold it just off the ground for a few seconds and elevate again.

    Wow, im done. I posted this on another forum to. My other name on another forum is --CellTech--. I dont want to say the name of the forum but i wrote this for! best from on the web!
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