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Thread: Overweight w/ no muscle looking for help pls

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    Overweight w/ no muscle looking for help pls

    Hi, I've been reading this board pretty intensely for the past few days and just joined up.

    I'm 24 y/o, 5'10, 205lbs, and without any muscle on my body. I have skinny arms and legs, and a skinny face. All my fat is around my midsection(gut and lovehandles) and now I have some man boobs in the works. I also have somewhat broad shoulders. Even when I was playing sports in school I had no real visible muscle, but weighed only 175 pounds.

    I want to lose the gut and put on some muscle, as I am patheticaly weak. I can't do any pull-ups and can only do 10 perfect-form pushups before full exhaustion. I just started running and am jogging 1 mile ever other day. I have such little experience with lifting weights that it's safe to say I have no experience.

    Anyone have any advice/comments for someone who's partially convinced that their body can't produce muscle.

    I don't really eat that much food. I usually just eat cereal for breakfast or a sandwich for lunch. I rarely eat both breakfast and lunch. I can also go right to dinner time without eating a meal some days. For dinner it's almost always homecooked(chicken, steak, or pasta is the norm). After dinner is where I ruin it. I'll eat late night meals/junk almost regularly. I realize I need to change my diet drastically, so I guess I'm looking more for help with the strength building.

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    Well, first of all, don't be so hard on yourself. When you lose the fat, I'm sure you'll be surprised to see that there in fact IS some muscle underneath it all.

    And one of your problems is that you're skipping meals so much and keeping your metabolism level low. You want to eat meals throughout the day, and keep them clean. For your BW, start by eating about 2000 calories a day, and don't just not eat all day and pig out at night. You need to realize that you have goals.

    Also, you might consider WBB Routine #1, as it is considered a very excellent routine for newbies.

    Also, you're going to want to check out the Diet and Nutrition forum, as it has some great information on diets and such. There are some good threads stickied in that forum, so you can check those out. Also, you can use the search function in that thread and I'm sure you'll find lots of information that will be beneficial to you.

    So, keep dieting, keep up the cardio, keep lifting those weights, and if you stay dedicated you will eventually find out that you have muscle underneath all that fat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fatrb38
    I try to visualize that my girlfriend is under the weight and I have to push the weight up to save her. Of course it doesn't work and I just laugh as I think about the weight slowly crushing her bones. Then I remember it's me under the weight and give 200% effort to push it back up.

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    you should be eating AT LEAST 3 meals/day even if you're trying to lose weight.

    I've never been overweight (fat), but there are some members on here who have made excellent progress in terms of fat lost/muscle growth. Briancurran01 comes to mind, you may want to check out his journal.

    Welcome to the site.
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    Yes, you do need to change your diet. Your body should be fed multiply times a day for smaller portions then i assume you are eating. Try to aim to eat a 4-5 times a day. This is important because eating more regularly tricks your metabalizm to burn rather then to store (as fat). It is important that you get enough protein in your day so your muscles have the building blocks to grow with. (~1gram per pound you weigh is what experienced lifters aim for).

    As far as the strengh training, what do you have access to? Situps/pushups will only get you so far. I would reconmend deciding if you are going to do a home gym or a commercial gym. (they both have their own advantages).

    Look into the WBB routine #1. It will give you a good starting point.
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    well i know you are trying to lose fat, but you are gonna have to start eating more healthy foods throughout the day.... (chicken breast, brown rice, vegetables, sweet potatos, egg whites ect.)
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    all of the above. Remember....nutrient dense foods.

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    what's up.
    i was in your same position two summers ago. I was fat for my height, and about 22-23% fat, all in the gut.
    anyway, i did this, but i dont necessarily recommend it to you. basically, i incorporated a lot of cardio, and lots of weights. but i didn't do hardcore weights or anything, pretty light, just to get my muscles contracting. basically i did 30 mins weights followed by 30 mins on the treadmill. i lost 53 pounds over several months. as far as diet, i completely cut out all unnecessary fat. i ate high carb high protein meals. I am now 8-10% fat.

    NOTE: i dont necessarily recommend this becuz 1) it's needs months of hardcore dedication, no slipping up.
    2) i didn't do hardcore weights , so i lost a bit of muscle too.. now i'm trying to bulk it back up a bit. if i could go back, i would have done the same thing, but with heavier weights so that i wouldn't be so skinny now.

    If you have any specific questions, ask.
    good luck

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    [[[----]]]'s Signature: -"Alcohol......Whats that?"- << I know you didnt mention it but it's also good to at least cut down on the booze wether your tryin to lose weight or build muscle. Stick "Alcohol" in the search function if you want more specific information on it.

    Good luck with things mate, stick with it and you'll reach your goals no problem, just remember it doesnt happen over night
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    Lots of feedback, and quick...thanks everyone. All good input.

    [[[----]]] - My g/f always says that I eat way too many 'empty calories' so you're right about that.

    Rik-s I do go out drinking a few nights a week, so that needs to be cut back.

    What I'm gonna do is start with the WWB1 routine and spend a lot of time in the nutrition forum learning how to eat right. My diet is baaad. I'll also check out briancurran's journal.

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    Step 1- start using and see what you are actually eating and drinking, track EVERYthing!!!!! Food, liquid ect
    Step 2- start doing any type of workout, just get started, as you learn more you can make your rutine better, in 2 or 3 days of reading this site you should have a pretty good idea how to organise things
    Step 3- spend a few days lurking around here and learning about workouts, nutrition ect......
    Step 4- Arnold 2006 title! (Hey, you've got to think positive!)

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    Find a basic routine, get in the gym, and start lifting. Work very hard at it.

    Get your diet sorted.

    Be patient. You'll be successful.

    I started lifting weighing about 185 at 5'11". I had a 37 inch waist. I was the epitome of skinny/fat - skinny legs and arms, stay puff marshmellow man in between.

    I looked remarakably different within about a year - about the same weight, but more muscle, less stay puff.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Geeper
    Step 1- start using and see what you are actually eating and drinking, track EVERYthing!!!!! Food, liquid ect
    Step 2- start doing any type of workout, just get started, as you learn more you can make your rutine better, in 2 or 3 days of reading this site you should have a pretty good idea how to organise things
    Step 3- spend a few days lurking around here and learning about workouts, nutrition ect......
    Step 4- Arnold 2006 title! (Hey, you've got to think positive!)
    LOL IDK about that last one.. but yea. keep it up. Dont convince yourself that you cannot produce muscle simply because you've never attempted to do so. However i do admire your determination to get back in shape. What made you rethink your physique? Girlfriend?
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    My girlfriend is really healthy and watches everything she eats, so I guess that's rubbed off on me some.

    But the big thing is that I just 'feel' fat, and I can't stand it anymore. It took me some time to get to this point of feeling fat, but I definitely need to do something about it.

    I signed up at fitday and logged everything I ate today. Great tool. I think I'm going to start up a journal soon as well, once I get a better idea of what I'm going to do.

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