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Thread: Problem with MS Word

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    Problem with MS Word

    Anyone who uses this program every day can probably tell me how to fix this in a flash (I tried to search the help function in Word but I ended up almost trying to stab the goddamned paper clip 'help' assistant)...

    I've got several different heading sizes in my report, and I have to rearrange their positions on the pages constantly, because I'm adding bits and pieces to the paragraphs underneath them. These are those 'headings' that you select from the drop-down menu, like Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.

    So anyway, I'm trying to rearrange a few so that they appear at the top of the next page, instead of the bottom of the current page with about one line of text underneath them (and then the page is full). And instead of letting me do this, Word decides that, when I push Enter, it will for some inexplicable reaon move the heading about a third of the way down the next page, instead of just to the first line of the next page.
    I think this might have something to do with the accompanying body of text under the heading, and its alignment to the bottom of the next page, or something like that. But I really can't figure out how to stop it doing this.
    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    when you've written out a full page and you want to start the next one with the headings at top, cant you just 'page break' it and no matter the altering, the stuff after said page break would stay on that page...
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    Thanks man, I'll try that.

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    Insert page breaks.
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    Thanks. Somehow it seems to have fixed itself. Maybe it was just an error the first time. Anyway, if it does it again, I'll do that.

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    LMAO, that's awesome man!!

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