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Thread: need help plz!

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    need help plz!

    hi i just started working out my abs so that they could show...what i realized when taking pics on the progress, is that my hips and upper body are almost same width. i know that i need to get back muscles and chest muscles for that. I also need the muscles by my neck. What workout can i do daily and for how long till i see progress?

    Now my workout contains this...1)crunches with legs bent and up. 2)pusups with hands spread out as wide as my shoulders. 3)sometimes i do that workout when i take the dumbells and bend my back and lift them up.
    Note: I cannot do pull ups the way you do them for triceps and back.

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    look at WBB program 1.... and I cant say you are really going to be putting on any size when you are just doing pushups, and crunches.. You gotta lift heavy to see improvement so that means using weight. Once your start the program, you should start seeing results in a few weeks, especially compared to what you are doing now. Also you need to consider your diet for all this, no idea what yours looks like now, but you should read up in the forums for help regarding that.
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    In order for your abs to show, you have to lower your body fat. And i don't think tricep really involve in pull up -- i'm assuming you meant biceps.

    3)sometimes i do that workout when i take the dumbells and bend my back and lift them up. My first reaction is that you are describing an Exercise call Kickback.

    Anyway, to pack on size you have to lift heavy... crunches and pushup alone won't cut it. Like Sidior had said, look up WWB program.

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    make sure you're eating a lot too.

    i'm guessing you have almost no access to a gym?
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    Train your entire body. Read the training articles at
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