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    Could someone tell me what a good exercise is for getting those 'bruce lee fangs' (sorry not sure what there called.)

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    What are you talking about?
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    I think he is talking about those things that are right next to the Chuck Norris Molars.

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    sorry for the crap description

    they are on the outside of his pecs and they make him look like a king cobra

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    Lats, pull ups, pull downs, chins,

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    lmao.. "fangs" .. go to your dentist!
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    This is classic.
    "I added some db curls with the pink weights for a bit of a burn." - Rookiebldr

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    lol i am likewise confused.. post a link to a picture?
    bruce lee fangs.. lol man if you wanna be chinese all you gotta do is ask.. i'll PM you with all of our secrets

    (for a price of course )

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