I need your advice guys.

I made an order on the 6th March from an online nutrition company. The main reason I used them was because they had Vasopro Ephedrine in stock. When I made the order I was sent a confirmation by email on the 7th (the 6th was a Sunday) stating that the items would ship in 4-7 days. My credit card was also charged the full order amount that day. I was slightly disappointed by that since everything I ordered was apparently in stock, and they hadn't told me otherwise. But no big deal, I waited for the shipping confirmation.

When no confirmation had been sent 8 days later, I emailed them to enquire what was going on. They said sorry for the delay and that my order status had changed to "Will ship within 24 hours". The status remained like this for a further 48 hours, and when I emailed them again stating that I would not be ordering from them again, they replied simply stating that my order had already been shipped by DHL. My order status page however did not change, and when I emailed them asking for a tracking number they did not reply.

Well yesterday the package finally arrived, containing no Vasopro...only the other items which I had ordered (a jar of caffeine pills and some Optimum Nutrition whey).

Now I was angry. Now this is speculation, but I'm pretty sure these guys knew perfectly well all along that they had no Vasopro in stock, but were prepared to keep this fact from me and ship the order minus the Vasopro when they couldn't get any in stock....and don't forget they charged for the full amount of the order at the start!

I sent them an email last night saying that this was unacceptable and I would be disputing the whole transaction with my credit card company. They sent me this email back:

"We will reship the 2 Vasopro. If you have filed a chargeback for the entire order we will be filing fraud and felony charges against you, since we have proof you have received the order. That is unacceptable, you will also be charged a $35 chargeback fee and all fees incurred to sue you in court. What is your decision?"

What are my options here? I don't give a crap about the Vasopro any more because 1Fast400 has since got it in stock and I already ordered and received some from them. I don't want this company to get away with screwing their customers like this. I'm sure I'm not commiting fraud or any felony because I am freely admitting that they shipped some of the items, just not all of them, not on time, and dishonestly never informed me that they had none in stock.