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Thread: Fibrous/Low G.I. Carbs??for this diabetic girl to gain Mass

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    Fibrous/Low G.I. Carbs??for this diabetic girl to gain Mass

    1st. Post. I will post more later into the introduction area.

    1st off Iím 25/ f /5'7" and weigh 112. I would like to get to at least 135 & somewhat lean. Now here is the hard part; Iím diabetic; family history obviously not from obesity.( Look @ my weight ) Cardio I keep up pretty wise; ran track & field in H.S. an some in college & continue to do so; I was an English major in college also.

    I know the basics when it comes to weightlifting; compound moves to add the muscular weight with a few single joint movements to add separation. Iíve been practicing and trying to get my form down right; I have a friend helping me with this.

    1gr. x lb. Body weight & 3gr. x lb. bdywght an pretty much the fat should be a by-product of what I eat. (?RIGHT?) Now hereís where my problem comes in; Since being that I am diabetic; and yes I probably would be considered a hard gainer (high metabolism) & w/ my diabetes can not eat as a hard gainer would; allowing higher cals on the white rice/ noodles/white bread (this is all due to various info I gathered on various website); an I donít think Atkins would be for me; I love carbs; but low g.i. carbs. Can I still make mass gains w/ fibrous an low g.i. carsbs like oatbran/ oatmeal/ sweet potatoes/ .

    So let me see if I got this straight:
    112lbs. Bdywght x 1 gr. Prot = 112 gr. Prot
    112lbs bdywght x 3gr. (Fibrous/low g.i. carbs)=336 gr. Carbs
    112lbs bodywght x typically 45 to 60 gr. Fat

    Thats roughly 1861-1996 cals. (Using low high range calculated w/ fat cals) Probably should be atleast 2000 right?

    Well my main ?? Is with my diabetes an trouble I have with simple carbs (even post workout 1 banana throws blood sugar into a spin.) Would fibrous/low g.i. carbs allow me to pack on the muscular bodyweight I want. Considering the high content of fiber; does the body use these fibrous carbs as fuel?..I know the low g.i. carbs allow for steady blood glucose; but would this steady level allow me to still put on the weight.

    Any replies are greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I am not allowed insulin shots because of some odd allergic reaction I have had with them; Iíve tried 4/5 types of injections & Iím trying to avoid diabetic meds in pill form.
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    Hey there Lulu - are you type I or type II diabetic?

    I'm over forty and insulin resistant (used to take Metformin about 4 years ago), and have to be very careful with the high GI carbs myself. I managed to put on some decent mass using slow carbs, and only recently started fiddling with high GI carbs pre and post lifting. I'm perfectly comfortable without them, and may drop them at some point in the near future if cutting doesn't proceed well with them.

    You might try, as an experiment, a small amount of slow carb, say unsweetened oats or brown rice, with a protein meal an hour or so before you lift. If this agrees with you, perhaps try to add in a little slow carb post lifting as well. If this is okay for your sugars, leave 'em in. If not, drop 'em and try again when you're more muscular.

    I'm not a doctor here - you'll have to go with whatever medical advise you get. This is just a suggestion from someone who has had to work with a similar, if not as serious, condition.

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