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Thread: Fibrous/Low G.I. Carbs??for this diabetic girl to gain Mass

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    Fibrous/Low G.I. Carbs??for this diabetic girl to gain Mass

    1st. Post. I will post more later into the introduction area.

    1st off Iím 25/ f /5'7" and weigh 112. I would like to get to at least 135 & somewhat lean. Now here is the hard part; Iím diabetic; family history obviously not from obesity.( Look @ my weight ) Cardio I keep up pretty wise; ran track & field in H.S. an some in college & continue to do so; I was an English major in college also.

    I know the basics when it comes to weightlifting; compound moves to add the muscular weight with a few single joint movements to add separation. Iíve been practicing and trying to get my form down right; I have a friend helping me with this.

    1gr. x lb. Body weight & 3gr. x lb. bdywght an pretty much the fat should be a by-product of what I eat. (?RIGHT?) Now hereís where my problem comes in; Since being that I am diabetic; and yes I probably would be considered a hard gainer (high metabolism) & w/ my diabetes can not eat as a hard gainer would; allowing higher cals on the white rice/ noodles/white bread (this is all due to various info I gathered on various website); an I donít think Atkins would be for me; I love carbs; but low g.i. carbs. Can I still make mass gains w/ fibrous an low g.i. carsbs like oatbran/ oatmeal/ sweet potatoes/ .

    So let me see if I got this straight:
    112lbs. Bdywght x 1 gr. Prot = 112 gr. Prot
    112lbs bdywght x 3gr. (Fibrous/low g.i. carbs)=336 gr. Carbs
    112lbs bodywght x typically 45 to 60 gr. Fat

    Thats roughly 1861-1996 cals. (Using low high range calculated w/ fat cals) Probably should be atleast 2000 right?

    Well my main ?? Is with my diabetes an trouble I have with simple carbs (even post workout 1 banana throws blood sugar into a spin.) Would fibrous/low g.i. carbs allow me to pack on the muscular bodyweight I want. Considering the high content of fiber; does the body use these fibrous carbs as fuel?..I know the low g.i. carbs allow for steady blood glucose; but would this steady level allow me to still put on the weight.

    Any replies are greatly appreciated.

    P.S. I am not allowed insulin shots because of some odd allergic reaction I have had with them; Iíve tried 4/5 types of injections & Iím trying to avoid diabetic meds in pill form.
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