One of my buddies was out last night with three friends and their wives. As they walked to their cars, they were confronted by two guys, asking for spare change. He went to grab a dollar and the one guy pulls a gun and tells them all to lay down. My buddy says take it easy you can have all of our money, the guy hauls off and pistol whips him, I haven't seen his face but his wife says he had to get stiches and it is all bruised. The guys basically got off scot free and the cops basically say chances of catching them is basically pointless.

I understand that if they had a gun it probably would have made the situation worse, but I am concerned about my home and family. Lately a lot of people have been breaking into homes and holding up the family while they are sleeping. I have a great fear that I will be helpless if someone breaks in with a gun and I have sit there while they do whatever to my family.

I have been thinking about getting a gun even before this happened to my buddy. So my question is, for you that have guns, what do you suggest to a guy who only has used rifles and shotguns and right now is not licensed to own a gun. Also anyone deal with any situations with concealment. Thanks.