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Thread: I've made some great progress on my bench.

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    I've made some great progress on my bench.

    Just three weeks ago I tried for a 225lb 1 rep....I failed. I'd hit a plateau, I'd been pushing 200lbs for 7 reps for ages. So over three weeks, I quite simply, ate more, trained with lower reps on flat bench and more weight (plus varying my reps/weight on other chest exercises) and guess what......I pushed 250lbs today. Not an outstanding lift I know, but it goes to show that with the right attitude, some smart eating/lifting you can overcome plateaus and even add a good 30lbs to your bench in a short period of time.

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    this is highly encouraging. i get frustrated sometimes when i'm stuck at a weight/rep on a particular lift. glad to know i'm not the only one and that there's light at the end o' the tunnel.

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    Awsome! How many reps did you do and how much more weight? Oh and how often do you train your chest?
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    I find if you are always changing your exercises up from split to split you will not ever hit a real plateau...
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    pushing through a plateau on the bench is the sweetest feeling(I think) in lifting being stuck there for a few months then one day BAM! it goes up like a rocket...

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