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Thread: Question on Eggs

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    Question on Eggs

    are eggs good cholestrol or bad, and most of time i just eat white part of egg were is the cholestrol mostly located? If anyone knows thx.

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    i wouldnt worry about it

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    blood cholsterol is not fully determined by what you eat, its genetic as well

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    I think eggs raise HDL cholesterol, the good kind, high density lipoproteins (HDL) helps clean out your arteries, Dont go overboard on them though.

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    if you live a healthy lifestyle I don't think cholesterol is going to effect you that much.

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    I eat a lot of eggs, and I used to have high cholesterol. It came down when I got my SUGAR and STARCH consumption under control. Don't worry about your eggies.

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    your eggs will do you more good than bad :withstupi (all of the above) just eat the eggs up and don't think about cholestrol in this case
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    I think egg yolks do contain some bad cholesterol...but some recent research has found that eggs contain lecithin, which happens to inhibit the body's ability to absorb teh bad cholesterol.

    I'd still go light on the egg yolks, because they are a source of fat, but I wouldn't freak out over it.

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