The number one bodypart I can't stand of mine, is my forearms. Just not big enough...and they dont grow proportionately with my arms.

May be long arm syndrome, but I love big forearms because it is almost a way to guage a person's size and stength in regular street clothes.

What I have been doing for them is:

Curling my wrists and my forearms a little more upwards as I'm doing straight bar and dumbbell curls.

After each set I keep opening and closing my fists real hard for about a minute. This pump up gets your forearms real tight, then I jump right back to doing my set.

Forearm curls/reverse forearm curls.

Extra tight grip while gripping weights for any excercise.

Next is my BACK...

Just not wide enough man...and it is slow to grow and widen compared to my other body parts.

What I do is:

Extra wide grip pullups.

Wide grip seated rows.

Medium grip bent over rows.

Seated pulls with crossover grip cable.

Rear delt rows.

Any other suggestions for the best way to improve these body parts?

And what excercises have worked for your stubborn body parts?