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Thread: Is fish oil fish oil?

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    Is fish oil fish oil?

    I just got out of the drug store looking over fish oil capsules. They had cod liver oil. Salmon Oil. Mixed 3 species oil - mackeral, sardine and something else. Omega 3-6-9 oil. And so on.

    My question is are all these more or less the same to add in my diet? One better than the other or any other factor I can use to choose one over the other?

    Looking over the labels, none talked about grams of fat, just IU's of vitamins.

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    no they're not interchangable. sorry it took me so long to answer, i meant to respond days ago and forgot. cod liver oil is much lower in epa and dha than my fish body oils. a single 1000mg fish body oil from gnc contains 120 mg and 180 mg epa/dha (can't remember which has which amount). they do vary tho

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    In the sense that both are fish oils, yes. Cod liver oil tends to have a lower epa/dha content. Just look for a brand/bottle that gives you the most epa/dha for your money.
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