just got a titan fury about 3 weeks ago, and using it is reallly proving to be a problem for me. at first i thought the sleeves were too tight, because they just came down past my elbow, they go all the way to the "pit" of my elbow. the chest is pretty tight though, the first time it wasnt but its getting on pretty much all the way now, so i guess that means that the sleeves are on all the way? anyways, i have my spotter put his elbow into the front and sides of the shirt to pull it down all the way. it feels like it fits really good then. but when i lay down to bench its a whole different story. i try to arch just a little, but when i do, the shirt comes up and almost chokes me. after a few singles i have marks across my neck. it feels like the shirt is being pulled off me over my head when i lay down to bench. also, first time i used the shirt, i got 315 a little easy, but last two times it came off my chest easy about 70% to lockout, and stalled. this was after 5 raw sets so i think at a meet or something of the sort, i could get it okay.

the amount i am getting from the shirt worries me, because ive hit 285 raw at a couple different meets, so that means im only getting about 30. most people ive heard say theyre getting 40-50 from their shirt. so am i not using it to its potential, am i not wearing it right, what is the deal? i just think that theres a lot i need to work on.