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Thread: plain cottage cheese = puke

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    plain cottage cheese = puke

    just had it for the first time, god was it nasty. Is there anything you can add to it to mask the taste?

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    I think there's a whole thread on this.

    I usually chop up an apple and toss in a spoonful of peanut butter or a handful of walnuts.

    Another thing that tastes pretty good is to toss in some chopped up avocado and some blue cheese dressing.

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    You can also try a different brand....I`m picky about it, but I manage it straight.

    If you have Breakstone's brand, try that one. Knudsen is pretty good too.

    Light n Lively is gross, as are more store brands.
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    Mystic Eric
    Make sure you get the dry cottage cheese... it's less barf.

    As well, you can drink juice along with each bite or if you're watching your carbs, have something with splenda after each bite

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    I bought Dannon

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    I like the Wal-Mart brand. That Light and Lively crap is def. nasty.

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    i wash it down with water, green tea or diet coke with minimal chewing :P

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    Check in the Recipes forum. If you have input, put it there!

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