Ok I have decided that I will be making a serious attempt at quitting smoking. I have thought about it for some time now and have quit twice in the past cold turkey for about 4 months.

What I was wondering is if any others of you have successfully quit and if so what was your method.

I am considering cutting down on smoking, maybe cut the amount in half and substituting with nicotine gum. Then cutting down even more and maybe using a patch if I still feel cravings. I'm not sure of all the products out their and what is over the counter and what isn't. I've seen people use the drug Zaiban and have heard of it work and have also seen it fail. I haven't consulted my doctor but I'll probably go talk to a pharmacist today at lunch and get his/her thoughts on the matter. My doctor is new to me so doesn't really know all that much about me.

If any of you guys could give some suggestions that would be cool. Thanks.