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Thread: Growth Surge and Massive Eating

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    Growth Surge and Massive Eating

    I was wondering what you all think of the Growth Surge program outlined over at If you are unfamiliar its basically a 6 week/3 part program. The first phase which is a priming phase involves 2 weeks of a slightly hypocaloric diet and 3 day/week moderate intensity training. The second phase is two intense weeks of serious lifting and serious eating. It involves 5 workout days each week with each workout day further divided into two seperate workouts. During this week you are supposed to up the cals considerably while following the massive eating guidelines(eating fat/protein meals or carb/protein meals but no carb/fat meals). The third phase involves scaling back the training and eating somewhat less but not too drastically as to lose gains.

    This looks a lot like the ABCD diet which didn't work for me but their are some crucial differences which appeal to me. The guidelines about meal combination makes the diet pretty strict even though it is high calorie. This is supposed to minimize fat gain which was the main problem I had with the ABCD diet.

    My concern is about overtraining since two workouts a day, five days a week is a lot(even though the workouts themselves are not very high volume) Will eating a lot be enough to recover adequately without chemical assistance?

    If you want to read the program for yourself go to and read the last three issues.

    I'd like to here some opinions or experiences.
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    I weigh 197 and have 10% body fat, perhaps you might want to try my routine/diet before anything t-mag says. They're big advocates of prohormones and steroids, so I try to avoid them.

    If you want either or both, lemme know and I'll post.

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    Lets see it!

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    Id be interested to so your routine. Im about 220lbs with more body fat about 15%.
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    considering u saying avoiding steroids and prohormones, does thatmean ur a natty? post ur routine!
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    I have 4 "days". I go 5 times a week, which I know will set off many readers, but here are the 4 days.

    Day 1 - Chest
    Warm-up 1 set of a medium weight until I can't lift anymore
    2 sets of 6-8 (i alternate this week to week from flat barbell bench to decline barbell bench)
    3 sets of 6-8 dumbbell incline press
    3 sets of 6-8 dumbbell flat flies

    Day 2 - Back and Shoulders
    4 sets of 6-10 wide-grip pulldowns
    4 sets of 6-10 barbell rows
    4 sets of 6-10 t-bar rows
    4-6 sets of prone incline lateral raises (nails the rear shoulder, i do each set to failure)
    4-6 sets of seated lateral raises (each set I do to failure)
    2 warmup sets of 12 shoulder press (warming up is important)
    2 heavy sets shoulder press followed immediately by:
    1 set of 20 front raises with a 25lb plate
    3 sets of 10 shrugs (alternate week to week between db and bb)

    Day 3 - Arms
    3 sets of 6-10 Overhead rope pulldowns
    3 sets of 6-10 skullcrushers
    3 sets of 6-10 straight bar pushdowns
    Biceps is a little different, as I never do the same exercise twice in 4 weeks. I pick 3 exercises (inside, outside, peak) and they vary. Typically I will do exercises such as preacher curls, standing curls (then vary the grips to wide or close) etc...

    Day 4 - Legs
    1 warmup set of squats at a medium weight, done until I can't stand
    2 sets of 6-8 squats as heavy as my back can handle
    3 sets of 6-10 leg extensions
    3 sets of 6-10 deadlifts
    3 sets of 8 one-legged leg extensions
    3 sets of seated calf raises to failure
    3 sets of standing calf raises (after failing, I try to 'bounce' on the stand until I can't)

    We put breaks in a couple places to give muscles that were lightly used a little extra rest, but one of these days gets performed twice in a week, which day varies. I've posted my diet in another training thread, so I won't repost it here, but hopefully these will help.

    considering u saying avoiding steroids and prohormones, does thatmean ur a natty? post ur routine!
    Never touched either in my life.

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    How tall are you Kaleido? You do a warmup on squats "until you can't stand it"?? Explain.
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    533 far as the diet goes you can do 2 things...

    1. Try another rootin tootin high falutin idea on how to gain mass.


    2. The tried, true and undisputed eat above maintenance and lift heavy routine.

    ....just mt 2 cents.
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    I'm 6'4 and I do the warmup set until I can't stand. Usuaully I get up to about 35-40 reps before I can't get off the floor.

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