I was wondering what you all think of the Growth Surge program outlined over at t-mag.com If you are unfamiliar its basically a 6 week/3 part program. The first phase which is a priming phase involves 2 weeks of a slightly hypocaloric diet and 3 day/week moderate intensity training. The second phase is two intense weeks of serious lifting and serious eating. It involves 5 workout days each week with each workout day further divided into two seperate workouts. During this week you are supposed to up the cals considerably while following the massive eating guidelines(eating fat/protein meals or carb/protein meals but no carb/fat meals). The third phase involves scaling back the training and eating somewhat less but not too drastically as to lose gains.

This looks a lot like the ABCD diet which didn't work for me but their are some crucial differences which appeal to me. The guidelines about meal combination makes the diet pretty strict even though it is high calorie. This is supposed to minimize fat gain which was the main problem I had with the ABCD diet.

My concern is about overtraining since two workouts a day, five days a week is a lot(even though the workouts themselves are not very high volume) Will eating a lot be enough to recover adequately without chemical assistance?

If you want to read the program for yourself go to t-mag.com and read the last three issues.

I'd like to here some opinions or experiences.