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Thread: new to the site and need help with bench shirts

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    new to the site and need help with bench shirts

    HEY I just found this site and need help with some stuff in powerlifting.and this place look great. and i wanted to know if anyone has a inzer High Performance HD Blast shirt becuse i would like a bench shirt but i donno if it will help alot does anyone know??thanks!

    age 13 wight 140
    bench-120 (workout)
    squat-185 (workout)
    dead-215 (max needs work)
    everthing is raw
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    Are you planning on competing?

    Given how much you are going to grow, I doubt it's worth it to buy one.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    Kudos to you for entering the gym at an early age and showing great interest. Saying that, i think you should wait a few years and gain some raw lifting strength and build a good base before using any equipment.
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    well that seems fine my choch said if we use anything like squats suits or wraps to only use them in are meets and i have already compted in meets at my school. but do you have any advice on incresing my dead that is what herts me at my meets.and do dl suits work very good i have a squat suit.
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    age-14 weight-145 height-5'9
    bench 190lbs (raw)
    squat 285lbs (raw)
    deadlift 280lbs (raw)

    400m dash 67.3secs
    vertical leap 23 inches.

    bench 205lbs (raw)
    squat 315lbs(suit @ wraps)
    deadlift 315lbs (suit)

    400m dash 65.secs
    vertical leap 25.


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    Glad to have you here and it's great you're already competing, but I agree that you should wait before you start spending all kinds of money on equipment. You don't even bench bdwt yet! IMHO, at your present bdwt, you should be squatting at least 280, benching 170, and DLing 280 before you bother w. equipment.

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    Its really good that your showing interest at such an age, I regret not lifting when I was that young. You should wait a couple years like everyone else has said, so that you can get a good base to build off.
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