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Thread: Bench model/brand Recommendations?

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    Bench model/brand Recommendations?

    Currently i have a cheapo bench.. im not even sure what the max weight it can hold is, it has 220 written across one of the support bars.. so im assuming that might be its max weight My sets are only gettin me up to 205 right now so i dont need a new bench yet, but i definitly would like to buy one in the next few months.

    First thing you guys need to know is im really not interested in anything 'new and imrpoved' or anything with extra gadgets or anything like that (the bench i have now had a leg press thing on it.. it never really worked, and just got in the way). I just want a good sturdy steal bench. It doesnt have to be pretty. I just want something that is rough and tough and isnt gonna fall apart on me. Does anyone have any favorite Brands or models that they could suggest to me? I dont mind spending a couple hundred, but i dont want to be spending over $400. Any suggestions? thx guys

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    god, i use those smiles to much.

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    Check out this ParaBody equipment. It's very nice, and very sturdy. It also carries a "light commercial" warranty, so it's legit in the sturday department. I'm about to pick up an adjustable bench, and squat rack.

    I've done a lot of searching locally and online, and I can't find anything better for the price. I also found a local dealer that kills those website prices you'll see.

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    Yea I have one of those cheap benches at my house. It max weight is 300, icluding the user. I was trying to get my dad to let me get a new one about a year ago, my mom cannot uderstand why I want a new one. Lol But I go to the gym mostly now anyways, so it doesnt matter as much.

    I would suggest like a weider or golds gym brand. Maybe a bodymaster's, if they make benches. I have a couple friends who made a bench in metals class. It works great. They made safety bars and a system that lets you kick a footpedal if you give out. A pulley system pulls up on the ends with 50 lbs. So you can max out alone

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