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Thread: Pec Injury damnit

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    Pec Injury damnit

    About a week ago I was warming up for flat bench and I did a few sets of 135, then on my first set of 185 on the 2nd or 3rd rep I had a pain in my rightt pec, I racked the weight and discontinued the workout. I just tried to warm up today, about a week later and I noticed some minimal pain still in my pec. What sort of injury is this most likely to be? 185 isn't heavy for me at all, so I don't see how I injured something when I wasn't even doing a working set. I don't want neglect my chest any longer, but I'm not about to bench heavy when I know somethings wrong.

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    Just let it go until the pain is gone. Any guess as to its cause is pure conjecture but waiting an extra week or so to train is MUCH better than dealing with permanent injury. Take it from me, I have ****ed myself up many a time and wish I has listened to the advice I am giving you.

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    Chris is right on, Hahn even if it takes a month to fully recover you won't be behind in the long run. This stuff is about longevity.
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    This happened to me when I was squatting once, just let it recover. I felt better in two weeks.

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    If its only a very minor pain it should speed up recovery if you do some really light work on the area.
    Just like 95lbs for 3-4sets of 12.
    Blood flow can work wonders on injuries.
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    Thanks guys

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