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Thread: Looking for some Guidance

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    Looking for some Guidance

    Hey all,

    Looking for a some help if possible. I tried for a little while going to the gym (just using the machines) but couldnít find the time. I have a bench, dumbbells and a barbell at home and I would like start a routine but donít know where to start. I didnít want to begin using free weights without using the proper form. So basically I am looking for a routine that can be done with my equipment at home and a book that gives detailed instructions/diagrams on each of the exercises in the routine. If anyone can direct me to a book(s) or other sources of info that would fulfill my needs Iíd be very appreciative.


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    Try WBB #1. It's a great routine for a beginner, and its all done with freeweights.

    A list of how to do all the exercises with proper form can be found here:

    If you can't find it here's a link to the routine:
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    You can do a very good routine with limited equipment. has some good pictures on proper lifting technique. There are so many routines that you could follow depending on your goals. If you put down your goals you will probably get some better answers.

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    Thanks for the replies. I guess I will use the WBB #1 as a basis for my routine. I assume it can't hurt to subsitute in other exercises for others correct? Like say doing Dumbell Fly instead of Dips. I am really unsure of specific goals at the moment. I don't want to gain to much BF so I'm going to try and stick with a very nutrient dense diet.

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    292 for excercises.

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