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Thread: im confused...

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    im confused...

    ok when you count calories you only count the calrioes it says on the nutrition facts label right? i just heard that thing with 1carb = 4cals or something and protien = x amount of cals, so what does this mean? when you count cals its just wat it says under calories right? not calories+carbs+protien+etc

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    your correct..... they have already done all the adding for you.... but it;s good to know how many grams of carbs/protiens/fats your getting.....
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    yup. calories per serving on the nutrition label includes all the various components of the food. the breakdown of protein, carbs, fats, etc. in the food is there as explanation of where the cal's come from.

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    o ok thank god iwould be consuming like more then double of what i thought lol

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