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Thread: New To All This

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    New To All This

    Hi Im New To All Of 20 Years Old,140 Lbs,5 Foot 9

    I Would Just Like Some Advice On What To Eat And Normal Stuff Really

    At The Gym I Seem To Be Lifting 20-35kg Is That Good Or Bad?

    And My Friends Say When It Starts Hurting Lifting Is The Best Time To Push Yourself Harder? Is This True?

    And I Also Just Purchased Milk And Egg Protien Powder For Shakes,when Should I Take This?

    Im Sorry If These Are Obvious Questions,like I New To All Of This.

    If Sum1 Could Kindly Take 5 Mins To Leave Me A Reply Would Be Great


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    Eat lots of meat, eggs, fruit, vegetables, and fish.
    That's not very much; I can lift almost 300 kg and I'm not even super strong. But, you're just starting.
    Not sure what you mean by that.
    You should mainly focus on eating a big and balanced diet instead of worrying about supplements.
    Sounds like you need an intro/overview on lifting. There are many out there; here is one.

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    Thanks For That Link Theres Alot To Read! Lol But Im Going To Read It All After I Have Been Out For My Sunday Dinner! Lol Thanks Alot Mate


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