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Thread: iPOD + Gym = ??

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    Remember! Students get huge discounts from Apple, either on the website or at an Apple store.

    The journal / I live here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Skaisbitchin
    I am the proud owner of an ipod. I also work at Circuit City...and know a lot about mp3 players. I like the Apples a hell of a lot more for a few reasons:

    - the wheel layout is so much easier to use then the Rio Carbon, or any of the Creative Labs. The buttons make it more difficuit then the two step process of spin, press the midde button.
    - the size. Rio's are smaller, sometimes, but the bigger things, your Creative Labs, your RCA 20gigs, the Sony....they are all monsterous. The mini is about the same size as the rio - on the whole. Yeah the rio is shorter but also deeper. Mini is much skinnier.
    - the abilty to make a play list on the go. Who has a computor next to them all the time? certainly not me, thats why i have an mp3 player.
    -the screen is bigger, can fit more things on it....the Rio and the smaller guys have teeny tiny screens. Can't fit jack **** on those things.
    - the headfone jack isn't flawed. The Rio Carbon has a static problem and all the Creative Labs' have a flawed headfone jack. My brother the Zen 30gb and it's jack already is messing up after 2 months.

    All mp3 players have their flaws. But the Apples aren't much more expensive. You can pick uone up for 300 (for the 20gb like i got)...only 50 more then a Creative Lab 20gb. You get the wheel, the 12 hour battery life (mine gets it at least) the nice screen, the size and the on the go playlist. Okay they don't have custome EQ, but if you don't know what your listening t, your retarted. It'd be nice but i'm not going to bitch over it. And i've never had a problem transferring a song onto my Ipod. I own hundreds of CDs and download music. I use BearShare if my buddies don't have the cd to use and not one song has come up with the abilty to not transfer over to my Ipod.
    easy on the heroworshipping.

    ipod is just another mp3 player and nothing special. there are better players out there. an investment in ipod is not suicidal and wont change anyones life.

    if you are curious, google for crosstalk, snr, pmpo, frequency response and audio tests on these players. this knowlegde will help you with your job too. its even documented by brand loyal ipod fanatics on ipodlounge that ipods are inferior when it comes to sound quality.

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    I like my portable CD player. It's small, cheap, doesn't skip, and I can play any CD on it that I play at home or in my car. The case that goes around my waist is comfortable, discreet, and holds 8 CDs.
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    I got an RCA Lyra 128mg sport, It very light and it suit the gym very well.

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    I love my pod. Been using it at the gym for years now! And I've never had a problem once.
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    Well... got my iPod mini yesterday... only got to playing with it late last night... so I still need to get familiar with iTunes and the whole playlist / library thing...

    I only have a few songs on it right now, but so far I love it...

    Very slick device...

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    Congrats! Enjoy the heck out of it! It's a lovely 'lil machine.
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    i have a 40giger and love it...cant workout w/o it

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