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Thread: one pack?

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    one pack?

    ohhhh, i havnt posted in awhile..anyway, i have a pretty good diet, and am getting bigger, but i noticed my belly sticks out more than my chest, its like round. i have around 11% bodyfat, so i really am not chubby. also, when i touch it its hard, like muscle and not jiggly, but it doesnt split up into a six pak. why would my stomache be muscular, but still stick out further than my chest, any advise??

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    may be you have more fat developed in that area. I'm basically in the same boat though =) My advice for you (like i have given myself) is to train so that your chest get bigger. Gain a few more lbs and start shredding off the fat. I don't know about you but i kinda like being "chubby" though, since i have been skinny all my life.

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    It's just the way it is.
    Squats work better than supplements.
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    i kinda have a similar issue. i basically have a small gut, but its ripped, it like sticks out like a gut but its pretty tight and cut, i thinnk i t might be that i have a big stomach, not so much fat.

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    I have the same problem but only because Im bulking, my stomach is completely full of food/water etc so i can only see full definition if i dont eat/drink for a day or two.

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    Its just genetics... Back when i was a swimmer id see that alot (and swimmers usually had low b/f probably average around 10%) Some people, regardless of there body fat, would have abs muscles that stick out further than others, even some to the extreme that it looks like they stick out more than their chest.

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    i remember doing a gig with jackie martling years ago and he had a beer gut AND a six-pack. no flab, good tone but his gut stuck out kinda bloated lookin'... as others have said, it's just the way it is.

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    dont worry though, 100% of people in this world have sectioned abs. If you didnt, call up a science research institute and get paid a million dollars while they poke around your midsection looking for information.
    in other words, keep at it, they'll show up someday.
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    have you ever closely examined your posture in a mirror, from the side?
    you might be pushing your hips back, letting your abdomen come forward, thus sticking your stomach out.
    just a thought.

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