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Thread: please make me a good diet.

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    please make me a good diet.

    Please help me get a good diet.

    My goal is to add as much muscle mass as possible before march when i will start cutting.

    I have been eating in a kind of careless way till now, no crap or junkfood, usually enough protein, enough small meals, but lots of simple carbs and some bad fats and no real order.

    a few things about how my diet should be:
    not too high budget. dont wanna eat up all the money in the house.

    I only have whey protein post workout and its the only supplement i use.

    I dont eat cheese. not under any circumstance.

    meals between something like 9 am and 3 pm should be easy to bring along and snack.

    If somebody could make me a good diet that goes by these rules i would be very grateful.

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    ok this is gonna be easy

    work these foods out to how many caloires u think u could grow nice on.

    meal 1
    myoplex mass(u can get it on its like $2 a shake)

    meal 2 & 3
    some type of big sandwhich(lots of turkey or roast beef )

    meal 4
    myoplex mass

    meal 5
    chicken breast and brown rice

    now throughout all the day drink 2% milk

    then u should grow pretty good on this.

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    thx calvin but i dont think ill have the myoplex, it seems like a great supp but i cant order overseas because i dont have visa or mastercard and the supps in holland are very expensive.

    The big sandwich with meat along to school seems like a great idea, as does the chicken and brown rice.

    I think id like to replace meal 1 with oatmeal for the carbs and 2 full eggs for the protein.

    I already drink 2% milk all day btw.

    another thing i like to put in is some peanuts as they have some good fats and some protein too, and they make an easy way to modify your calorie intake.

    meal 1 about 7:30 am
    2 full eggs
    multivitamin pill

    meal 2 about 10:50 am
    that yum big sandwich with meat(WW bread of course)

    Meal 3 about 12:50 pm
    some peanuts
    sandwich (probably jus normal one, maybe ham on it)

    meal 4 about 15:30
    another sandwich

    meal 5 family dinner around 18:00
    potatoes or brown rice
    multivitamin pill

    meal 6 20:00
    skim yoghurt

    meal 7 just before hitting the bed, whatever time that is
    small can of tuna

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    I forgot one important meal, the post workout.
    on workout days i would not have meal 4 and replace it with this:
    some white bread for insulin spike
    about 50 grams of whey powder in water
    some WW bread

    wow... looking at this im gonna eat a LOT.....
    well i guess its ok to have many meals if you work the cals.
    I dont really know many cals ill probably need....
    I`m about 198 lbs now, 6"3, 18% (i believe) i work out about 4 times a week and i play basketball 2 times a week.
    any ideas what my maintenance level could be? 3500 kcals?
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