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Thread: Liquid diet...

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    Liquid diet...

    Hey you fellow meatheads!!!!! hehe anyways, i know a few of you guys like BCC and some others are on liquid diets. Ive really been looking into this, well because im getting really F#$%ing sick of chewing!! lol anyway, besides protein powder what are some other essential things if i wanted to switch it up to liquid only>?

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    weight gainer, mrps, things to blend in your shakes (milk, yogurt, pb, etc.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by heathj
    weight gainer, mrps, things to blend in your shakes (milk, yogurt, pb, etc.)
    All good things to add. I include oatmeal in almost all my shakes, plus a banana here and there, I eat the PB seperate but same difference. And I make them all with milk. I would also add multivitamins-minerals, and anti-oxidents etc just to cover you.
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    Olive oil and/or flax seed oil.
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    Liquifood is great. about 1-1.5 years ago there was a period where I basically lived off mrp's and shakes. I don't see anything wrong with it frankly, just get your EFA's in the mix. As CC posted OO is good to have (I used to have some in my drawer ar work).
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    I take a flax blend oil w/ some other added EFA's every day and it really is an amazing food supplement, I don't think i could live without it now.

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