As per my profile I have been training for ages but only now am I starting to really get into it.. I am around 2 months in to my new philosophy and am still waaaaayyyy too flabby for my liking but I am am starting to see a difference in body shape and definition (addictive isn't it?).

All this talk of 6-packs being made in the kitchen etc.. (been lurking for a while) has made me really start to analyse what I eat but I want to take it further and apply some science to my intake. Which brings me to counting calories - where do I begin? Well - apart from listing out what I eat each day and looking on the back of the relevant packets for the amount of calories etc... How do I work out what's in my home prepped salad for lunch? Does anyone have any pointers to a site that can give me the calorific values of different foods and drinks (does Vodka/Rum (no mixer) contain less calories than a pint of Beer?).

Also - I don't really care about weight (200 pounds now - although I admit more would be good) in so much as size and def.

Any pearls of wisdom for working out my bulking and cutting phase intakes?