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Thread: WBB #1 good questions

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    WBB #1, I have good questions

    OK i just started today i have had about 2 months off from the gym. I figured i'd give this work out a try. I did it today and i found it hard to day to max out on each set becuase the first set i was usually to small on the weight so i would have to do 3 sets to make sure i was alomst maxed out. Now alot of them you almost always need assistance to max out. well i think so atleast. Also i have a question i have something to do on the 3rd day which is a work out day. now shoudl i do it tomarrow. or shoudl i do it on thurs and put it next to day five. any help would be grat. And also is there any other excerise that you would recomend instead of doing DEADLIFTS. idon't really like that excersise. And do people think this work out is good. comparded to other workout that are out there. It seams short but i have been doing alot of research and tearing down and rebuilding does build muscle. well any help would be awsome. especial before tomarrow. thanks
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    How long have you been on this routine? The first week of this routine I like to use it to guage where I am at as for weight. By the second/third week you should know what to lift to "max yourself out." As for the layout of the routine, it is very flexible and you can do what you want with it. I would recommend having rest days after each workout though.

    As for DEADS, keep them and do a search on the forums. At first I did not like them as well but you'll grow to love them.
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    ya its my first week. I like it, and i kwo what you are talking about, about finding the most to max out at. Well i might switch the dead lifts to something else or just keep trying them.

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    Keep the deadlifts or ill come find you and kick you in the junk.....

    Also you should be able to tell after a few reps whether you have added enough weight. If youve already pumped out 4 like it was nothing, then 8 will be easy, so just stop and add some weight.
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