I now directly work my bicep 1 day a week. I've been getting results this way.

But my question is how should i mix up the different curls I can do? Should I do only 1 type per week? Should i do 2 types per week in the 1 day I do curls? I don't like to overwork.. so less is better. I notice same or better results if I do less work to the muscle.

Also what about reverse curls? I read where doing reverse curls really developes the Brachialis muscle, which will make your arm look more massive?
DOes this make any sense? Why does reverse curls get this muscle more?

Can someone tell me if using different grips when you do curls doesn't get different parts of the bicep, than why would I do reverse curls? Becuase I use so much less weight when doing reverse curls. I can't see it really hitting the bicep as much.