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Thread: Skinny people who are big and now get respect

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    Skinny people who are big and now get respect

    Just wanted to get other people's experience who were skinny and now gained some weight. (Hopefully this is not so off topic here, don't see a better place to put it)

    I decided to take lifting and weight gaining serious after I was bascially rejected by a girl on a blind date. I was 5'10 and about 130 pounds.. At 24 years old! I just said enough is enough with being skinny and taking **** from people. Also not being able to get any girls.

    Now about 5 months later I'm a little over 145, much stronger and bigger. I still have a lot to go.. But It was the best change I probably ever made in my life. When your bigger.. you just get more respect. Your confidence is so much better.. And now I have a really attractive girl, and the possibility to have another very attrative girl. 2 girls!, Never in a million years would I think this would happen. This is only with a 15 pound gain!
    Now I don't take **** from people like I used to, I can defend my honor..

    So have any of you past skinny people decided to make a change becuase you just got no respect, and how has it worked out for you?
    And do you agree that people in general really give respect to people a lot based on how big and strong the person is?
    The thing is I personally give less respect to people who are skinny. :evillaugh
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