I've been kind of interested in this for some time, SO as mental health is also apart of general health, I though I would bring up the discussion here.

What do you all think of marijuana in terms of write and wrong, mentally that is? Meaning is it okay or beneficial to use marijuana (or any drug) to alter your mind, just for a *good time,* or even as an escape from everyday life?
Keep in mind when I say OKAY I do not mean physically okay (I do NOT want to bring up the discussion of wether or not marijauna is *good for your body* or not) I mean do you think it's okay for a person to alter his or her mind with a drug.

This may seem like a dumb question at first but let me explain.

I have a friend that lifts weights with me who has been trying to convince me to smoke with him on the weekends. At first I gave him the obvious reasons for why I didn't want to smoke with him, i.e. *it's bad for you* or *it's illegal* blah blah. Plus I saw what kind of life he's getting attachted to (this may have no connection with his marijuana use) as he's now using vikaden, shrooms, and esctasy.

But When I actually got down to why I don't use marijuana and drugs in general, it's because I see anything that one may use to alter his or her state of mind to enjoy life, or to escape it, as a weakness. Even if it's not an addiction at all, I believe it's a weakness that my friend has to use this drug to enjoy himself now (Even if he's not addicted).

Another reason I want to see what you all think is because I'm trying to convince him to stop. I know that saying that *it's bad for you* or *you're going to get arrested or get in a car wreck* are awful reasons as to why he should quit, because: 1, he doesn't he believe that it's bad for him, and: 2, he thinks he is in control of his own life and wont' get arrested or get in a wreck. So I'm trying to find a way to convince him in different terms.

So what do you think? Am I off my rocker or does anyone agree with me? (Or does anyone eve UNDERSTAND me Wadaya think?