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Thread: Arm Wrestling...

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    Arm Wrestling...

    I got beat by some Fat ass in my class...I know I am stronger than him...What the **** did I lose??? Does weight have anything to do with it?

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    Technique does have a role in this... its not entirely brute strength. And try to watch the FA word as some of us are metabolically challenged....

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    do you know what his lifting stats are? youd be surprised how much he could be hiding under there.

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    lol arm wrestling is mostly leverage, and im sure ur squat, bench, and dead lift dont have much to do with it. is his hand bigger, or arm longer? might have had his elbow at a different angle too.. thats why i dont arm wrestle ne more.. i used to beat everyone in my grade (middleschool then, now im in highschool) but now theres kids that just got tall and long arms... even tho they bench 135 max and i max 205

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    There is a lot of technique, i've started to get into armwrestling recently. I haven't competed or anything yet, but practicing technique and stuff.

    A lot of it is lower arm strength, especially wrist strength. And lots of technique (i.e. sweep, hook, toproll, etc) Check out for lots of technique and exercises to help you out.

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