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Thread: WO Gloves

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    WO Gloves

    I have done a search, already(so no flaming, please.)

    Anyways, I use harbingers but would like to get higher quality gloves; which brands/styles do you guys recommend?

    Note: this question is for BBers who actually use gloves; i understand there are those of you who disagree and think it is only for women/wussy to use gloves, and i respect that. Please dont respond if this is your intention. I'm merely asking for brand names/prices. Thanks!
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    ok well i don't use gloves but heard "new grips" were pretty good and about 20$ i think
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    The Nike ones I have lasted a long time, and I put them through a lot of ****

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    I've had these for about two years now... they're pretty good but I don't really have a comparison since these were my first pair of lifting gloves
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    A few friends use versa grips and love them, when I use gloves (I'm a guitar player so when I have gigs or recording dates I need to save my hands) I just buy them basically in bulk and cheap. Wal-mart ect, Buy 5 pairs for next to nothing and not worry about them wearing out

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    I have the cheap ones from wal-mart. They were like 8 bucks, and with the exception of splitting a thumb seam after 7 months, they've been great. If they get too loose, I just wash and dry them.

    Workout buddy uses Valeo's, and he's had them a LONG time with no breakage.

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    IZich , you are funny covering your bases for those that want to flame you . I would be one of them
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    haha me too, since i quit wearin em when i began lifting for football in hs. but my dad uses em and he has harbingers that im guessing are like the top of the line. and when i had gloves they were always harbinger

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    In "Ronnie Coleman: The Unbelievable", Ronnie wears gloves. Anyone claiming they're for pussies can take it up with him .

    Mrelwooddowd mentioned Valeo's, I'm 99% sure that's what I use and I like 'em.

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    I just use the cheapest pair I found at Wal-Mart. I've had them since High School, and that was 4 years ago. They've treated me well.
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