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Thread: Tattoo DIY?

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    Tattoo DIY?

    I just want 3 small letters on my inner-forearm. Does anyone know of a fairly safe, permanent way to accomplish this? Initials for a recently passed away loved one. I dont care if it has a "jailhouse" look, as it will be very small lettering and no one will see it but me. I currently only have one other tattoo (upper arm from 2 years ago) when I lived in PA.

    The problem: I live in a pretty desert area now, the only tattoo shop within a 50 mile radius has a bad reputation. They have been closed down 3 times due to them not conforming with local and state laws in regards to keeping a clean environment. I will NOT be going there.

    Any info appreciated

    edit: Woops, meant to post this in General Chat. Not General Health. Can a mod kindly move it?
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