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Thread: gaining strength while losing weight?

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    gaining strength while losing weight?

    I know this is not the easiest thing to do but any tips would be nice. I have been out of the gym for a year due to a injury and just started back a month ago and I'm trying to lose the weight i have put on but its damn near embarrasing how weak I am. My daily caloric intake is 1600-2000 daily and i cheat on sundays taking in about 3500-4000 calories, my weight is coming off but im not getting any stronger I feel weaker honestly. I'm 6 foot 205 and going for 180. I dont take any supplements besides a daily vitamin.

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    and do cardio the day after you lift. but say if you worked your arms, then the day after that, do some leg cardio, otherwise it would have greater effects on your muscles repairing themselves. unless this would affect your lifting program. just do dome cardio.

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    Your daily caloric intake is a little low I'd say. Any lower and you'd be starting to starve yourself.
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    its not hard at all to gain strentgh and lose weight. It is hard however to gain muscle mass and lose fat. you would be suprised how much strentgh you can gain without gaining much mass.


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