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Thread: Two form questions

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    Two form questions

    I have couple questions on form.

    Should I switch to full squats from traditional squats? I've heard that going past 90 degrees at the knee can be damaging on the knee but I don't know how accurate that information is.

    On deadlifts where should I have my arms in relation to my legs? Let me know if I'm right when I say that traditional stance has knees inside arms and more a sumo style has feet far out with arms inside knees. I'm asking this because I've had some trouble with my arms conflicting with my legs and I was wondering if maybe I need to bring my feet in a little bit and my arms our slightly.

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    I say you should go as deep as you can. Provided you keep you keep your ego in check weight wise and practice good form your knees should be fine. Deep squats are also better for overall leg development. I actually find it more comfortable on my knees to go all the way down.

    You are correct about the dead form. Conventional= knees inside arms. Sumo= wide stance with knees out side arms. The form that is best for you is generally dependent on your own structure. People with longer legs often find sumo style deads suit them better. Just go with what ever stance you find more comfortable or even alternate between the two. Mess around with different foot and grip positions and find what works for you.
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