I was thinking yesterday how I should get back to lifting. Iím still the same height and weight as what I was when I stopped lifting around early May of last year. But, I knew for sure that was at the expense of some lean body mass due to not lifting. Anyway, I always took pride in what I accomplished regardless of if some people could really respect what I accomplished the previous years or not. I felt that I canít allow everything I worked so hard for in the previous years to keep falling apart. I need to rebuild the mess that the last year of not lifting has gotten me into. Hopefully I can recover fairly fast since I should get beginner gains once again along with the technique gains that I surely will get back from my sub-par weights in the first workouts back.

I guess I could compare this rebuilding to what Matt Painter will have with the Purdue Basketball Program this next year. Gene Keady had bad recruiting classes in his final years that drove the program into the ground. (with the special exception of Carl Landry who may end up being the best player since Brad Miller or maybe even Glenn Robinson) I have driven my strength and body composition down in the last year by not working out. Therefore, my rebuilding starts now. Speaking of rebuilding, Joe Tiller turned Purdue Football around from a sorry program to a good one in a single year, so why canít I do the same with my lifting?

I callipered at 12% bodyfat at 169 with the calipers today. Thatís pretty much unacceptable for me since Iíve been in the single digits pretty much my entire life. That would put me at around 148 pounds lean body mass which isnít too bad. I was around 154 pounds lean body mass at my peak of either 169@8.5% or 165@6.5%. Six pounds of lean body mass is a considerable amount but not an insurmountable amount. It makes me feel that my lifts will at least reach the same ballpark within a month or two, but it may take as much as a year of steady lifting to get back to where I was.

Iím going on a 2 day per week routine with chest and arms being on Wednesday and legs and back being on Saturday. Iím doing this to try to keep me from burning out. If I end up wanting more, Iíll probably add a 3rd day. Deadlifts are still out of the question though because Iím pretty sure my back got permanently injured from them.