Hi, I have been looking at the different routines that people have posted and wanted to get some feedback on my current routine. I am doing the following routine

Day 1
tbar row
military press
bb curl

day 2
incline db bench
dips for tris
side raise

I do 2 sets per exercise and usually between 6-12 reps on some and 4-6 on others
I do the first routine then rest for two days then do the second routine and rest for two days and alternate. It is similar to a full body 3 times a week, however, I put in more rest days between workouts which make it 5 workouts in two weeks rather than 6 in two weeks. I also am using microloading to increase poundage every week. Is this a good routine? I currently have felt stronger doing this style than a split routine and the two days rest between workouts give me more energy. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated.