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Thread: Loose Skin ?

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    Loose Skin ?

    Hey, are there any creams out there that actually work to tighten up loose skin ?.. I need to do something about by stomach and chest, skin is loose because I once weighed in at 250 not lifting or doing any real exercise at all. A year later I was around 175 after doing alot of cardio and changing up my diet. Thats too much weight (fat) to loose, too quick. Now I've bulked up to 205, and am getting prety lean and big in the arms and back but I need to do something about this loose skin from the belly button down and on my pecs, it detracts from the appearance of muscle on my upper body.

    Anyone with some knowledge on this issue, your help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Nothing short of surgery that I've ever heard of.

    It WILL tighten up to a certain extent by itself over time. The younger you are, the more true this will be for you.

    Make sure you eat plenty of healthy fats, nourishing food.

    But you might need surgery to correct it if it doesn't tighten up on its own.

    Major props for losing the weight - that's AWESOME!

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    I have the same problem as yourself regarding the loose skin. I haven't exactly solved my problem because my weight keeps fluctuating but I have come across a product that actually works decently. It's a series of gels/creams by Avon Solutions called "Self-taut" and "Re-fine". The "Self-taut" tightens the skin/fat and the "Re-fine" gets rid of any stretch marks. I haven't really tried anything else besides lotion (which works good too - I just wanted to try a product specifically designed for the problem) Hope this helps!
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    I have been dealing with much the same. Two years ago I weighed 230 at 5'11" and pretty poor physical condition relative to 10 years ago. I lost 45 pounds in about a year. Last year I worked outside a lot, yardwork, home repair etc until June when I started playing sand volleyball again. I had hoped that the increased activity would get rid of the "Michelin Man" syndrome . . . NOT. I did a fair amount of research and found . . . exactly what Built stated. I started lifting 3 times a week with a couple of buddies in January of this year, and at the same time I started one night a week of martial arts. Birthday in March I still had lots of loose skin. I have gone through the water 'thing' off and on and have really convinced myself now that it is a huge part of weight loss, but I have been pretty sporadic about it. I do good for a couple of weeks then slack off etc. April 11 I started consuming 90+ oz of water per day at work. April 18 I started a half-arsed Velocity program. I'll go ahead and post my journal today or tomorrow. Basically, one meal per day and skipping around on my meals and such so the body doesn't get used to a specific pattern. This past week the loose skin has noticeably started tightening up. All that said, I think we all know that some things work for some people and not for others. I am noticing a difference though. How much water do you consume per day?


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