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    Question on the GRE

    I have a strange question about the GRE, my girlfriend was a little help on the question but I'm still curious. I've always planned on leaving public accounting after I made manager in the Big 4, but due to agreements with Atlanta-area schools, I never had to take the GRE for my MAC.

    One option that I've left open is going back to get a PhD in economics. I probably would only leave the business world to go back to grad school if it were a top school for econ (i.e. Uni of Chicago or MIT), otherwise it wouldn't be worth the 4-5 years it would take.

    The question I had was directed towards those that have taken both the SAT & the GRE.

    How did your scores compare? In other words, what relation could I expect in my SAT scores from long ago in comparison with my GRE scores?

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