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Thread: Dieting - weight gaining

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    Dieting - weight gaining

    i (as my name says) am a hardgainer, it is extremely difficult for me to gain weight. Over the last 3 months iv beenign trying really hard to eat and eat and eat...and eat. i have only gained about 8-10lbs. So your probably wondering wat im complaining about if im gaining weight. well lately i havent been. iv stayed the same weight for about 4 weeks nows and its really getting annoying.

    is there any food or diet plan you guys can suggest for me thats a favourably high/dense in calories and protien that will help me on my path to gaining weight. i have been working out a lot, i have alot of cuts but im skinny, so any input would be great, thanks.

    Btw im looking to have around 3000+ calories per day without any supplement drinks. No supplements at all
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