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Thread: Westside without a spotter

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    Westside without a spotter

    I'm just now getting into Westside thanks to another member of the board. I have a problem though. As temporary as it may be I workout at a gym with 1 squat rack, no power racks, no boxes for box squats, and more importantly, no spotter. Is is possible to still successfully persue a Westside based program under these conditions? I wouldn't exactly want to go through a ME Bench day without a spotter or a power rack. Perhaps I should just wait on the Westside routine until I have a spotter back and switch gyms(which hopefully will be in the near future). All the same I'm fed up with bodybuilding based routines and I've realized that strength is truely what I am after. Any suggestions can help.
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    i say hold off on the westside until you are at a better gym...because westside training progresses much better with a spotter than on your own...

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    without a spotter or power rack...

    You can do any kind of training you want without a training partner or power rack, but I wouldn't suggest it!

    If you have ANY options at all, try to find one that includes either a training partner or rack...
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