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Thread: Routine Help (Morning and Night)

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    Routine Help (Morning and Night)

    Sorry about posting a new thread if this has already been covered. I've searched and searched and couldn't find anything.

    I'm planning on switching to WWB1 soon, I've always thought it looked too simple but I really want to see if it would work for me like it has w/ most of you.

    As of now, I wake up at 5AM to run for 40 mins before I have to leave for work. Then I usually work out at the gym after work for about an hour/hour&half (6:30-8pm).

    My question is:
    1. Is it possible to break up the Daily routines, so I'd work chest in the morning and back at night?

    2. Or would it be best to stick to my morning run and do all of my lifting at night?

    The reason I ask is because most BBs work out in the morning; and I don't have enough morning time to do a full WWB1 working (gym opens at 5)

    Thanks guys.
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    this is just me but id rather do it all at night if i were you just to keep my heart rate up longer while im working out, also it might not be a good idea to break it up because it cuts into recovery time if you use the same muscles for an exercise that you do in the morning and at night.

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    Morning Cardio burns more fat, especially on an empty stomach. Make sure there is about 8 hours between cardio and lifting.


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