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Thread: limited time routine, open for ideas

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    limited time routine, open for ideas

    for some reasons i don't want to even begin explaining (because i know some ignorant bastards will flame me without knowing a damn thing about my life) i can only go to the gym one hour saturday morning, one hour sunday morning, and a short 15 minutes every weekday for my lunch break at school (it's a continuation school and the hours are short). i've thought up different combinations of using this time to the fullest, and the best way to diet according to my time allotment. i'm currently losing bodyfat but attempting to retain strength and i suppose as much mass as i can, though a loss of mass would not bother me much if i retained and possibly increased my strength.
    My current setup:

    Saturday: bench press (4 increasing-weight warmup sets, 5 work sets), deadlift (same idea), incline db (4x8), bent db row (4x8), military press (4x8)
    Sunday: Squat (same schema as bench press), Leg Press, Lunges, Calves

    it's a basic setup, I do make exercise adjustments to leg day most times

    Quick introduction to my school gym. it's a very crummy old highschool-football gym and very small, but nonetheless it has the equipment for me to do the "BIG 3" DL, squat, bench.
    Day 1: bench, sumo deadlift, bench, sumo deadlifts, etc., increasing weight each set till i reach a single on bench press or until lunch is over
    Day 2: squats, squats, squats. increasing weight. there's no other leg equipment besides a shabby squat rack.

    i just alternate these days during the weekdays, so like if friday ended up being a bench/dead day, i would in turn switch saturday and sunday around so i wouldnt workout the same muscle group two days in a row. i feel that because my weekday workouts are so short, i don't really need a rest day. i have a desk job so i'm usually sitting around, no real other exercise besides occasional 15 min. run

    in case my question is still a little vague, i simply need an analysis of all of this. i havent had to deal with time **** like this, but really, i'm 17, my parents cntrol me, i have no choice. help.
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    Sounds fine. Big compounds are definately the right way to go on a limited time frame.

    15 minutes is certainly enough time for a warmup and a proper 20 rep squat set, among other things.

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