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    I lift 1 on 2 off. If I do cardio in between it is only 30 min of powerwalking on empty stomach, only once this week. So, I don't think I am overtraining as far as frequency is concerned. I do everything to failure.

    My day in question looks like this:

    flat bench 3x10,8,6
    incline 3x8,5,4
    dips 3x10,8,6

    I have noticed that after flat bench I can barely do incline. I feel like all of my energy is drained after flat bench. So today, I decided to do incline first before flat.

    incline 3x12,8,6
    flat 3x8,7,5
    dips 2x10

    I was so pumped that with the same amount of weight I was able to do 12 reps on my first set of incline. But I was puzzled that my 2nd set did not come close to the 1st(reps).

    Also, on flat, same amount of weight from last week on flat, but I was struggling just to get it up the 1st rep. On the second set I had to give myself more time to recoop because I could not get it up.

    My diet is good, got 7.5 hrs of sleep last night, ate about an hour before(normally do)......everything in check.

    I have been doing to failure for about 3-4 months and have seen incredible gains.

    I would like to get some feedback about what is going on with this. Some suggestions would be appreciated. I would like to try new things before changing from "to failure".
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    Your second set could have been different because of lack of rest in between sets or you just didn't have the power needed to push out one or two more reps. It's no biggy so long you felt like there was no way in hell that one more rep was going to happen.
    The reason you were having a hard time doing Incline after flat is because you were working super hard on the flat for 3 sets, so of course your incline is not going to be as strong as flat. Now you have the oportunity to improve. Good luck.

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