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Thread: Before and after!

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    Before and after!

    Been working out for around 3 months, I go to Harvey's Gym in Lexington, TN...and I tan all the time. Check out my before/after pics

    EDIT: here is a pic where im flexing.
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    You DO tan a lot!
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    You definitely gained weight from the previous picture, although it looks like a lot of that had to do with puberty. However, looking a lot better!

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    Looks to me like you gained four pounds of tan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MM
    Looks to me like you gained four pounds of tan.

    looking better though
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    Why are people knocking his tan and weight gain. Yeah he's tan, but not overly. Compared to the before pic, of course he will look dark.

    I say good job.

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    I say good progress too. How tall are you @ 140?

    Also, do you work the legs? That will help you gain tons of weight - along with eating everything in sight.
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    good progress so far, but u need to eat more in order to make great gains. continue on ur way to hyoogeness.

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    yes you're getting bigger
    yes you need to keep getting bigger
    no, you are not a g unit soldier
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    yo i can see definite improvement keep eeating and lifting weigths man u went from punyyyy skinny dork to lean and tanned keep up the tanning i go tanning too and it does help bring out the definition
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    A tan doesn't mean you're black. Homie.

    Looking bigger, keep it up and eat like a horse. Train those legs too.
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