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Thread: General Thoughts on Training Programs

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    General Thoughts on Training Programs

    What is the better aircraft, a 747 Jumbo Jet, an FA-18, or a single prop piper cub? The answer would have to depend on the intended purpose. A Jumbo Jet is great for transporting a large number of passengers across the Atlantic Ocean, but would be lousy at crop dusting in Nebraska. The piper cub is ideal for dusting crops, but would probably not last long in an aerial battle against hostile MIGS. Even though each of these planes has completely different designs and purposes, they all fly because they are designed to comply with the principles of aerodynamics. A plane (or a pilot) that violates the principles of aerodynamics will not fly or at best will not fly for very long.

    The same is true for weight training programs. The ones that are effective all have common foundations and principles, even though they may appear completely different. There are countless numbers of routines and programs to choose from and this often creates confusion among lifters. A common mistake that I see is trainees constantly in search of a new program, thinking that they are missing out on something. This creates doubt in the mind of the lifter and adversely affects their progress. You must give ANY program a certain length of time in order to achieve progress. An average program that is performed with consistency and determination is FAR SUPERIOR to the best program that is done intermittently and with doubt. The selection of a training program must also reflect the goals and objectives of the lifter. Whenever I am asked a question such as "What's a good program or what's a good exercise"? My standard response is to ask "What are you trying to accomplish with this program/exercise?" and it's rare that I get anything more than a vague reply. The more specific you are with your training goals the easier it will be to identify the path to their achievement

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    Aye, great post Keith.
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    Yeah no doubt.

    So many people get caught up in "program fever," as if there's some magical program that will make it "happen" for them.

    There's about three things you have to do in order to make progress:

    1) Lift the weight
    2) Increase that weight over time
    3) Provide enough rest and nutrients to recover from said lifting

    Other than that, the rest is trivia.
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