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Thread: I'm not a GUY!

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    I'm not a GUY!

    Okay, because I keep getting asked for my diet...and my split.

    Diet first. Split is below that.

    My current cutter

    I'm in maintenance right now. I alter the calories up or down depending if I'm bulking or cutting.

    Basically, it's structured around the protein - 1.2-1.5g per pound, roughly, fats >0.5g/lb lbm for endocrine support**, satiety and as a caloric ballast, carbs added in around lifting.

    **Dorgan J, et al. Effects of dietary fat and fiber on plasma and urine androgens and estrogens in men: a controlled feeding study. Am J Clin Nutr 64(6): 850-855. 1996.

    I first read about this here.

    Baseline supps:

    Calcium citrate: 750 mg daily
    Glucosamine, 1000mg daily
    MSM, 1000 mg daily
    Fish oil 10g daily
    Selenium 200 micrograms daily
    Cod liver oil
    Vitamin D3 1000 IU daily
    vit E 400 IU
    Multi B-50
    Gram vit C
    Caffeine tablets as required, and before all workouts

    Maint cals for me: 2300 daily

    Trying to maintain 10-15% calorie reduction

    (4 days a week, lifting days)

    Sample lifting menu:

    M1: 5 hard boiled egg whites with one yolk, tiny pat of butter, salt
    M2: ¾ cup cottage cheese, half an apple, level tablespoon natty PB
    M3: romaine, homemade dressing (olive oil, vinegar, spices), half avocado, 4 oz chicken breast
    M4: 4oz chicken breast, broccoli, small pat of butter.

    Afternoon snack: protein waffle, possibly some fruit or jam depending on my remaining calories available.

    1-2 hours later: train (no cardio, or maybe 10 minutes of fast incline walking after I train)

    M5: whey shake, one scoop (24g protein) no dextrose, just creatine
    followed by protein waffle, might have dab of jam if I have the calories to spare

    M6: steak, broccoli, multigrain pasta, tiny pat of butter

    source grams cals %total
    Total: 2034
    Fat: 74 663 33%
    Sat: 19 167 8%
    Poly: 9 85 4%
    Mono: 30 266 13%
    Carbs: 141 500 25%
    Fiber: 16 0 0%
    Protein: 212 850 42%


    The split is something I put together on a board I mod from some excellent recommendations I received from a couple of the posters.

    I nick-named it "Baby Got Back" and it kinda stuck.


    Baby got back

    The back can be thought of as vertical and horizontal planes. Back training should really be split into two workouts - one devoted to horizontal pulling (thickness based workout / rowing movements) and one devoted to vertical pulling (width based workout / pull ups).

    The hit you get from heavy deadlifts on leg day will round out your back workout.

    Horizontal Pulling
    Barbell Rows (vary the grip between pronated and supinated)
    T-Bar Rows (vary the grip between pronated and supinated)
    Rack Pulls (vary the pin height, usually set them set below the knee/mid shin area)
    Seated Cable Rows

    Vertical Pulling
    Lat Pulldowns (various grips and widths)
    Pull Ups
    Chin Ups
    Pull overs (Nautilus, cable, bar)
    Pick one and stick with it throughout the course of the program - then switch when you want to change exercises. This would be most consistent and you'll be able to tell whether you're progressing or not. If you take a bent BB row - you'll find that you can probably lift more weight with a supinated grip because the biceps are assisting the movement. So if you're switching back and forth between grips during each workout, or every other workout, then it may be difficult to gage progress.

    Supinated grip means palms facing your body. Pronated means palms facing away from your body. Semi-supinated means palms facing each other. A pull-up uses a pronated grip, palms facing away from your body. Chin-ups use the other two grips.


    SLDLs are decent for the hip extension function and therefore your lower back, but not so much for great upper back development, at least comparatively speaking.

    Regular Deadlifts

    Regular deadlifts are a 'hip dominant' exercise. They hit the whole posterior chain - from hamstrings up to traps. They are the king of back development.

    Do them first in your back workout.

    You can be pretty sure you're doing it right if you're getting war wounds on your shins. It's basically a sign that the bar is staying really close to your body, which is correct.

    You keep your sets short for two reasons:

    1. It is a complex movement and form tends to break down with higher reps.
    2. It is a strength movement. Your goal is to get strong on this exercise.

    Keep the reps under 5 with regular deads. You can go higher with stiffs.

    There IS overlap between these two exercises. SLDLs obviously hit some back, and regular deads obviously hit some hams. But stiff leg deads will not do for your back what regular, off the floor deads will.

    Rack Pulls
    A rack pull is like a regular deadlift off pins.

    Click here for rack pulls

    Pulling from the floor is more difficult. The weight has more distance to travel, and uses more glutes and hams. If you pull from pins you can focus on your back, which is essentially what’s working on the upper portion of a deadlift, and because your ROM is shorter you should be able to lift a bit heavier. Vary the pin height, but not set to set or workout to workout. It's a matter of being able to gauge your progress. If you change things too frequently, you really can't tell, from a strength standpoint, if you're progressing or not. You might stick with something for four weeks, and then switch it up a bit.
    You could pair the horizontal pulling workout with horizontal pushing (chest) and the vertical pulling with vertical pushing (shoulders) to ensure that volume around the joints is kept constant.

    However, this assumes for the most part that muscle groups are being trained once per week. An upper/lower split or an undulating split (with increased frequency, where everything basically gets hit twice per week) is better for hypertrophy. The one thing you have to consider when doing this is that the volume per bodypart per workout is lower, but the weekly volume, since you're hitting the muscle more often, is still fair.


    Horizontal plane back (pull)
    Select from:Bent barbell rows (vary the grip between pronated and supinated)
    T-Bar Rows (vary the grip between pronated and supinated)
    Rack Pulls (vary the pin height, usually set them set below the knee/mid shin area)
    Seated Cable Rows
    Dumbbell row
    Hammer Strength row

    Horizontal plane chest (push)
    Select from:Flat barbell press
    Dumbbell press
    Low incline press.
    Flat flyes

    (Standing calves, short, heavy sets)

    Go short and heavy on two quad dominant exercises and lighter with higher reps for one ham dominant exercise. (Here, hams are accessory, so they go lighter, with higher reps)


    Vertical plane back (pull)
    Select from:Lat Pulldowns (various grips and widths)
    Pull Ups
    Chin Ups
    Pull overs (Nautilus, cable, bar)

    Vertical plane shoulders (push)
    Select from:Standing barbell press
    Dumbbell press
    Laterals, etc

    (Seated calves, long sets)

    Opposite from day 2. Go short and heavy on 2 hip/ham dominant exercises and light with higher reps for one quad dominant exercise. (Here, quads are accessory, so they go lighter, with higher reps)

    (Bicep work)


    (2-3 days a week: AM empty cardio: 20 mins fast walking outside)

    Sample non-lifting menu:

    M1: 5 hard boiled egg whites with one yolk, tiny pat of butter, salt
    M2: ¾ cup cottage cheese, quarter of an apple, level tablespoon natty PB, 2 walnuts
    M3: romaine, homemade dressing (olive oil, vinegar, spices), half avocado, 4 oz chicken breast
    M4: 4oz chicken breast, other half avocado, broccoli, small pat of butter.
    M5: steak, broccoli, pat of butter
    M6: ¾ cup cottage cheese, quarter of an apple, level tablespoon natty PB, 2 walnuts

    Total: 1756
    Fat: 96 865 50%
    Sat: 23 206 12%
    Poly: 20 180 10%
    Mono: 38 339 20%
    Carbs: 53 163 9%
    Fiber: 12 0 0%
    Protein: 177 708 41%

    My workout split
    Monday: hamstring dominant, quad accessory, triceps abs and seated calves
    2 heavy ham movements
    1 less heavy/longer rep range quad work (usually walking lunges or supersets of sissy squats with leg extensions)
    6 sets of triceps (between bench dips and one other)
    3 sets of 8-10 weighted abs supersetted with 3 sets of 20 seated calves

    Steady state cardio

    Tuesday: Vertical push/pull
    Chinups, pullovers, negative shrugs (lat work),
    Arnies, high pulls, rear delt work, standing laterals, upright rows


    Thursday: Quad dominant, hamstring accessory, abs, bis, standing calves
    2 heavy quad, one lighter, longer set ham
    6 sets of bicep work (usually alternating seated bicep curls with incline curls, sometimes supersets of incline curls and close grip underhand grip pulldowns, sometimes zottmans)
    supersets of weighted crunches on ab machine and short, heavy sets of standing calves

    Steady state cardio

    Friday: horizontal push pull
    Rack pulls
    Bent over rows
    One arm rows
    Cable rows
    (thickness based back)

    Incline hammer press
    Incline or flat flyes
    cable crossovers



    And a few pix I may have already scattered around the board...

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    oooo oooooooooooooooo

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    those pics from the future are awesome!

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    It would be so cool if were one of my friend's moms!
    Age: 18
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hockey66
    It would be so cool if were one of my friend's moms!

    You look great Built. Awesome job.

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    You look great, you've perfectly balanced getting muscular while retaining absolute feminity. You also look like you're in your 20s

    Based on the color of your skin and the hair in your avatar, I thought you were black

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    You look absolutely amazing for a 41 year old. I am very, very impressed.
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    Yup!! You look awesome "built" Good job!!!!

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    Wow, what tremendous sex appeal you have!!

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    Burritos are the bomb for bulking!
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    Swap Bodies?
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    WhoA! Nice! Great work

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    I was surprised it took this long to post your pics here, Built. I'm amazed at the difference between March and December. Have you been tanning?

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    Man, great work bro. Keep it up dude.

    J/k Great shots. YOu are in fabulous shape.

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    Hot damn. You look awesome Built

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    Great job... 41 and looking 20. An extremely hot 20 at that...
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    Every article on how to improve your chin-ups includes a program with a shitload of chin-ups in it. Is that all you've got? Improve your chin-ups by just doing more of them?

    Really fucking cutting edge that is!"
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rastaman
    You look absolutely amazing for a 41 year old. I am very, very impressed.
    OH MY GOD!!! I dont care how old you are you look great.

    I am going into the bathroom now.
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    Yes please.
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    That's a pretty good transformation. Your back is awesome.

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    So when can we see what you look like?
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    Between a girls ties!
    the camera is the other way, yes turn around now, yes good girl.

    you look great and I want a woman like you.
    A big thanks to all my friends in the USA, I am deeply grateful for your hospitality and kindness.

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    mmmmmmmmmm, tasty.

    on a side note.. you look awesome built!
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    huge arms/shoulders...abs look good too BF%?

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    You look freakin awesome


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